[Jandek] 'Shadow of Leaves' update (kinda)

mikef26 at juno.com mikef26 at juno.com
Fri Jun 11 23:53:54 PDT 2004

I sent a check off to Corwood a few weeks back for some CD's, and asked for 'Shadow of Leaves' to be included, if it was ready. Package was postmarked on June first, and the alternate I selected was enclosed instead. Ah well.

On a different note, have you all had any correrespondence answered by the man? I've had two responses, both geography questions: the first one said, simply, 'yes have been to Boston,' and the answer to my query about whether he's been to New Hampshire was answered like this on the back of the mailer: 'Yes, White Mountains north of Lancaster near Canada.'

Mike F.

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