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Wed Jun 9 13:14:27 PDT 2004

I like the idea of having a shirt that says JANDEK:
WORLD TOUR 2004. Few would get the joke, but I think
it's kinda funny.

--- JEREMYD.OSBORN at cemexusa.com wrote:
> I have put together a little "Unofficial Jandek
> Merchandise" webpage. I was
> looking at all of the different Jandek album covers
> and thinking how cool
> it would be to have some of them on a T-shirt; so I
> decided I'd put it
> together myself. I wrote a letter to Corwood
> Industries asking permission
> and I actually got a phone call from them! The voice
> was similar to the one
> described by others who have received calls from
> them, rather low, a bit
> rambling. Really nice guy though. He told me that
> Corwood would rather not
> give "Official" permission due to potential legal
> issues but have no
> problem with the idea at all. The link for the page
> is below. I know the
> prices are a little steep but the site that I set
> the merchandise up with
> sets their base price extremely high. I use them
> because they have a great
> selection for merch and it's all done online so I
> don't have to house an
> inventory! So I really apologize for that.
> There is double-sided T-shirts and also coffee mugs,
> mouse pads, and
> more!!! Here's the link:
> http://www.cafeshops.com/jandek
> -Jeremy
> P.S. If there is an album cover any of you would
> rather have on an item
> then let me know! It will change that item for
> everybody but I'm always
> open for suggestions. Thanks!
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