[Jandek] New Member/Favorite Jandek Recording?

Gogs C gogs_cun at hotmail.com
Fri Jun 11 04:27:49 PDT 2004

Hmmm, i posted this the other day but i think i sent it to the wrong address 
or somethin (sorry man!)
Anyway, my fave Jandek album is The Beginning. How much I like Jandek albums 
tends to depend on if i like the chord he's playing for the whole thing (i 
know there are a few exceptions to this), The Beginning has a good chord, 
therefore its a good album. (Although he does fret a lot on the album, 
specially on Falling Down Deep, which is one of my fave Jandek tunes (More 
brackets, sir? (Why not!))). I usually listen to it all except the big 
out-of-tune piano thing at the end, and thats usually about is much as i can 
listen to of the out of tune stuff in one sitting. Its more like an EP that 
Fuck, i wrote more the first time i sent this and it probably made more 
sense too, but i dont have the energy just now. If anyone else is a fan of 
The Beginning then says so and maybe we can BASH MANY GUMS UPON SAID ALBUM.
Peace out.

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