JEREMYD.OSBORN at cemexusa.com JEREMYD.OSBORN at cemexusa.com
Tue Jun 8 07:02:44 PDT 2004

I have put together a little "Unofficial Jandek Merchandise" webpage. I was
looking at all of the different Jandek album covers and thinking how cool
it would be to have some of them on a T-shirt; so I decided I'd put it
together myself. I wrote a letter to Corwood Industries asking permission
and I actually got a phone call from them! The voice was similar to the one
described by others who have received calls from them, rather low, a bit
rambling. Really nice guy though. He told me that Corwood would rather not
give "Official" permission due to potential legal issues but have no
problem with the idea at all. The link for the page is below. I know the
prices are a little steep but the site that I set the merchandise up with
sets their base price extremely high. I use them because they have a great
selection for merch and it's all done online so I don't have to house an
inventory! So I really apologize for that.
There is double-sided T-shirts and also coffee mugs, mouse pads, and
more!!! Here's the link:



P.S. If there is an album cover any of you would rather have on an item
then let me know! It will change that item for everybody but I'm always
open for suggestions. Thanks!

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