[Jandek] Corwood responses

Daniel Marks alfredggnome at yahoo.com
Tue Jul 20 09:52:34 PDT 2004

The underground meets trash culture: Jandek on
hotornot.com. brilliant, my friend.


--- Nigel Koop - SAHEC <nigel at massage.net.au> wrote:
> Seth, just wondering, as Jandek  refuses to do
> interviews, whether you've
> ever thought of collecting all responses to
> questions that people have asked
> him (or Corwood at any rate).  Just after hearing
> about the cockroach story
> and other short responses, it would be interesting
> as an almost substitute
> for an interview to read a collection of the
> fragments Corwood has given
> out.
> also, out of boredom at work, I put up a picture of
> Jandek (from The Living
> End cover) on www.hotornot.com and the boy's doing
> ok.  the global community
> is currently rating him a 6.7 which is pretty good
> for that site.
> nige/
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