[Jandek] Shadow of Leaves lyrics

Joe Henry farmofarmo at yahoo.com
Sun Jul 18 18:49:37 PDT 2004

Just got done with the lyrics to Jandek's latest. The
lyrics strike me as the most interesting since the
spoken word trilogy. Also, it's the first of his last
five records not to use the echo effect, making him
sound comparitively up-close and personal.

You got your swiveling chair
You can turn all about
You got your tickers ticking
Tock-tock, tick-tock
Just take away the deadwood
Let it all grow green
Put some silk under you
Or it could be wool
I can call a light fixture man
To put in the lights
As long as you hang around
I知 not going anywhere
I値l put out the thoughts
And we値l look at them
We値l study the structure
And we値l draw a conclusion
And we値l make up our minds
And we値l talk about it
And you can spend some time
In front of me
Because I broke through a window
And I知 here on top of you
We池e havin our best time
Just yes it (too gloriously?)
You walk on my platform
You can take the rest of me
I知 fixed with you now
It痴 some kind of an eternity
But I知 lasting forever
I can稚 shake loose
But I broke through the spell
Now I got lucidity
And I知 clear as glass rainbow
And the shadow of leaves
We池e walking down the street
Now it痴 a hundred degrees
And I知 freezing on Mount Everest
I got back in my dream
And I知 dreaming forever
Woo, I知 awake
I知 sleeping in the wake-time
I知 awake in my sleep
I got my fingers wet
There was a lot of rain
It was pouring bottles
And those cold bottles
Got my fingers wet
But I値l bet the glass you got
Puts a liquid in you
And then you池e fluid
I got me my mechanical produced beverage
I know my liquids
I guess I値l duck in from the storm
And I値l let those bottles crash down in the street
The streets of mercy
Smashing all those bottles
On the pavement in the rain
I won稚 drive my car for the rest of the day
I値l think about breathing
And watch the air rustle about
Bye-bye, you Sunday
It痴 not a mile I made you
You just appeared in time for me
You walked into my horizon
You never left my sight
You just became a lot of other things
I got my reason for just where I am
I知 thankful of the walk I had
You told me you would never end
But I made you from the earth
Except I jumped and didn稚 come back
Hey, look at all the things gone by
It痴 a stream of consciousness
Except of course those green plants
Or the really really real
Hey your hair, even if it痴 white
I値l get it back dark again
Listen to me please, sit over here
I never felt this way
And lived to say 的知 gone to you
I no longer exist, I知 on a planet
But I keep thinking about time
And I frequent your great life
And you frequent mine
And we池e here together
There ain稚 no better place to be
I値l write your ticket
And you can稚 talk about me
You can say my name now
You know you got me listening
I can go the night now
This place is sparkling
And I知 all fresh and new
I got you in my world
And I feel my body inside of my clothes
I got inner presences
I am all around
Achieved my task
Now I知 waiting for you
To share the spaces that we traversed in this life
So, if it痴 heaven
I wouldn稚 want it any other way

I don稚 show nothing to nobody
You got to steal from me
I played your game
You got to change your ways
You got to be real good
I値l make myself better
Just need a rest here
But somehow you worked real hard
And you found me
You got to play my game
Find me again
I put it up for sale
I took my name away
I値l still communicate
You値l hear from here or there
But I got to be dark again
I came to close to the fire
And now the stars and cold
I知 going out of town
I covered up my tracks
I知 smart as a man
I値l hide far away
And protect the cave

I don稚 want to go to Las Vegas
I like better Carson City
I知 like a dog for you
I just wanna be with you
I got my casino all wrapped around me
I just acknowledged the presence
Of you eternally
I give you me
What more could you want here
I am and I will be here 
When you need a friend 
Or you池e ready to take my direction 
I知 leading you here 
Please take my bait
I want to eat you up and drink you down
I want you in me as I course through your body
I took your mind as I roamed about through you
I知 still here
It weren稚 for a moment 
You値l never get away
You won稚 want to
You池e mine
You don稚 have a life
You live in me, I am you
I知 saved by that rainbow
Colors, grand scheme of things

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