[Jandek] Inexplicable typos, part II

Ronsen, Josh P. JPRonsen at htc.edu
Fri Jul 16 06:45:41 PDT 2004

Also on "The Gone Wait", there is no ) at the end of the time of the 4th
song, "I just might go now."

A typo?

A pun? (He leaves before typing the ")"?)

A clue? According to Seth's web site, there are no other songs with this
timing, although the previous song, "I was a king" is listed at 10:24.
10 + 27 = 37 :: 3 + 7 = 10 :: 1 + 0 = 1. So what. What is the 10th song
on the 27th album? "Time Will Come" on "New Town." This song contains
the lyric "Because you must go too." That's interesting. "I might just
go now, In my own time." So both songs contain the words Go and Time.

"You're not a body" "Not even real."


-Josh Ronsen
in Austin, Texas

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