[Jandek] taking the plunge

Knott, Evan T. EKnott at bellboyd.com
Tue Jul 13 14:24:41 PDT 2004

Along the lines of 'life changing event,' I would add:

You Walk Alone  (After hearing "The Cat That Walked From Shelbyville" I
listened to that song to the exclusion of any other music non-stop for
nearly two weeks.  I think its Jandek's finest moment, the perfect blend
of the more accessible material with the more discordant  Additionally,
the spiritedness of "Quinn Boys II" is the best reinterpretation of an
older song I've ever heard).

Chair Beside A Window ("Down In a Mirror" alone necessitates the
inclusion of this record)

Blue Corpse ("Quinn Boys" being the standout track.  This is the first
Jandek song I ever heard [RIP audiogalaxy], and the quiet restraint
underneath this song could peel paint off the walls [cf: "Quinn Boys

These are likely to be included on just about everybody's list.  Thus, I
would mention the following lesser-noted albums:

Graven Image (some really great stuff here, including "Philip Was
Mentioned" and "A Real Number")

I Threw You Away (best of the recent material, "Blues Turned Black" and
the last song with the harmonica are among the most emotionally fierce
stuff he's done)

New Town (all in all a solid record and, in my opinion, completely
different from every other release in a very subtle way.  The
discordance has a much more melodic quality to it, or at least more
lyrical, and not just the same old banging the same out of tune chords)

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"later on" has changed my life. this fact is written on WRCT's vinyl
copy of 
the record as i am dj there. i STRONGLY urge you to include it in the
20. i 
am also quite partial to six and six and blue corpse.

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>I've been a Jandek admirer for about a decade now. I discovered him as
a DJ 
>at WRCT in Pittsburgh in the early 90s. For several reasons, I've
>that now is finally the time to take the plunge and order a batch of 20
>from Corwood.
>While there are some of his albums that I am definitely interested in 
>owning (ready for the house, chair beside a window, and lost cause for 
>starters), I am interested in feedback from some of those infinitely
>in the know as to definite Jandek highlights and records to own or to
>on for my initial order of 20.....Thanks.
>J Harman
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