[Jandek] (no subject)

Fabio R. michette- at libero.it
Sun Jan 25 04:10:09 PST 2004

> "New Town" is a good album. I was listening to it the
> other day, and I never liked it much when I first got
> it, but now it feels like one of his best. Has anyone
> else ever had this experience with a Jandek album?

i had it with Follow your footsteps and Living End.
at first I don't liked that FYF disorder (different past sessions fragments'
in it); on the contrary TLE was a little bit monothematic...
but has a great distinctive power.
now I like both very much and listen to them more than others.

I think New Town's one of J.'s best, i like it though i don't listen so
the man seems very downcast and sad to me on it, while in the next The
Beginning, something has changed.

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