[Jandek] one foot in the north

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Yes, Electric Eels were great! Brian McMann (not the one in Slint or For
Carnation) of the Eels lives here in Chicago and has recorded some really
fine solo stuff also. Really cool stuff.


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i got "one foot in the north" on lp vinyl the other day. to my surprise it
was very different
sounding compared to the cd version . great!! now i got two super versions
of a jandek album to listen to
but i guess it can be not good for my economy if i also have to buy all the
do you know if all the other reissues is as different in the soundmix as the
one i got?
when comes to olde punkrock i recomend the clevelanders "the electric eels"
their the coolest
in that field i think.


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