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Fri Jan 23 10:01:13 PST 2004

A friend from Providence, Rhode Islandąs mother is good friends with the
woman known as łNancy˛ on some of the early recordings.
She lives in Providence and sterling visits her on and off. Supposedly he
grew up there.

And this isnąt one of those a friend of a friend of a friend told me.....
Its well informed. 

Now you know.

On 1/23/04 9:40 AM, "Darin Mitchell" <susseddm at hotmail.com> wrote:

>> >On another note, jandek is from Providence, Rhode Island originally.
> Ah boy, well I guess I'll be the one to catch this in my net this time: and
> just how, pre tell, do you know this?
> And if you are not willing to tell the rest of us, I'll have to ask you and
> others to STOP making bold statements such as this if you are not willing to
> back them up.
> So, what gives? Do you know ol' Sterling? Share more please or put a lid on
> it.
> Out with it son.
> M.
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