[Jandek] (no subject)

Mikey Lopez tommydelongy at hotmail.com
Thu Jan 22 17:05:38 PST 2004

Well, kurt cobain said pretentious like Jandek.

Any who, I wrote cornwood, asking for a catalog, and about vinyl. just kind 
of talking. I sent random pictures, and a pick and told him to keep putting 
his music out there.

I freaked out when I got the reply. It was very simple. "Sorry, we know 
longer offer vinyl" Either way, it was cool. Very exciting.

"My 14-year-old niece listens to Bright Eyes. He's
OK but his shtick is far too specious and self-pitying
for my taste. He really is pretentious whereas Jandek
rarely displays a similar level guile."

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