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Yes, I agree Darin. Also, it has come up a few times (from me as well) over
the years that people have found the address and phone number but I was
always struck by how Jandek fans are very protective of him and how the line
that Jandek has drawn for himself is observed and honored by us. He has
chosen to be apart, he has chosen to work unbothered. I think it is our duty
as his listeners to abide by those rules, whether we find out who and where
he is or not.

-Mark Greenberg

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Exactly. I think we established a while ago that it's
not about the who but the why. Why does he do what he
does? What motivates him?

--- Darin Mitchell <susseddm at hotmail.com> wrote:
> Sterling Richard Smith, who is credited with
> writing, recording and
> perfomring the music of Jandek is 58 or 59 years
> old.
> And this tells us what? Nothing.
> M.
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