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Wed Jan 21 11:25:02 PST 2004

Hi all,

been a long time - good to be back on the list.

Anyhow, I just wanted to state that Jandek has never said you COULDN'T 
find him - as is the case with legendary recluse Thomas Pynchon, of 
whom we don't have so much as a PHOTO after 1962 and who lives in a 
travel trailer so you never know where he is.  Rather, with Jandek it's that 
he doesn't WANT to be found.  Leave the man alone.  Don't call him and 
ask personal questions.  Respect his privacy, please.  In return, we get 
the music.  I don't think it's a game.  If you want to find Sterling Smith, 
in your car, drive to Houston, and get what you've got coming. I have no 
qualms about writing to Corwood with specific questions and as long as 
they are the RIGHT questions, a Corwood representative (let's be honest: 
Sterling Smith) will answer them.  If your order is wrong, you can call him 
and he'll call back and help out.  This is just a guy who wants to keep his 
music untouched by commodity: no interviews, live shows, publicity, etc. 
He puts it out, you get what you pay for.

I too hope things will continue on after he dies, if there's music left to be 
released.  I have the feeling that there is.

I also want to state my opinion that I believe wholeheartedly that Jandek's 
most recent music is of newer vintage, probably in the last few years. New 
Town and the first side of the Beginning seemed to be the end of one 
stage, and I believe the accapella albums were like a bridge to the new 
stuff, which reflect a maturity I don't believe the Blue Corpse or even Got to 
Get Away era Jandek had.  I think we're getting things somewhat in order, 
as there is a biographical run to the stuff when I listen to it straight 
through. Again, this is the mystique, but it is also the creation of the 
Jandek character, a fictional creation of everyone who listens to these 
strange little albums...

glad to be back,


>===== Original Message From Ross Em 
<indiejanglefunkterrorist at yahoo.co.uk> =====
>I personally think that Jandek is cleverer than
>that...  I don't think if he was going to such lengths
>to conceal his identity he would himself register the
>copyrights...  I don't know how the legal system
>works, but going by what I've heard of Jandek, I can't
>honestly see him having such an obvious method to
>finding out when he was born. To be honest this
>information isn't really what we want to know anyway.
>I would much rather prefer to think that Ready for the
>House was recorded in 1977/8, Six and Six between 1978
>and 82 and so on.  Maybe thats stupid, but as the good
>man says, the mystique of Jandek is as alluring as his
>music and personally I'd prefer not to know stuff like
>this.  On the other hand though, if you say "I know
>Jandek's age, but I'm not telling anyone" people are
>going to be more interested to find out, as has
>happened here.
>Is Jandek one person, or more than one person?  Is the
>person on the sleeves even him?  These are questions
>that occur to us all at some stage, but I'd prefer to
>think it's one guy, creating music that is raw and
>untainted by most musical influences of just now,
>finding his likeminded friends and recording music
>with them that makes the world just wonder...
>If the music is staggered I really don't care...  As
>for Sterling Smith...  Nah, I doubt it.
>Take care dudes,
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