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Allen Rendel a.rendel at xpedite.com
Wed Jan 21 09:50:53 PST 2004

I saw Bright Eyes 3 or 4 years ago opening for somebody.  I would have
really enjoyed it, I think, except that they were VERY quiet and the
audience yakking completely overpowered them.  Hopefully, they have learned
how to work the PA a little better since then.


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My 14-year-old niece listens to Bright Eyes. He's
OK but his shtick is far too specious and self-pitying
for my taste. He really is pretentious whereas Jandek
rarely displays a similar level guile.

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> Have any of you heard of the band Bright Eyes?  Their
> lead singer Conor Oberst is a huge Jandek fan and
> recorded a piece called "Have you ever heard of
> Jandek?" which involved him asking Joe Randoms on the
> street if they had ever heard of him.
> You should check out Bright Eyes, they're awesome.
> Ross
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