FW: [Jandek] Question About Recent Corwood Releases

Dale_ThisIsPop thisispop at comcast.net
Sun Jan 18 16:57:46 PST 2004

Regarding the theory of Jandek's new recordings actually being old
recordings Joe Henry wrote:
>I don't think that the new stuff is archival material, Jandek seems to make
>to past songs and phases

Perhaps he's making references to current songs and phases, or at least what
was current when he recorded them way back when. That would almost make more
sense based on some of his other self referential lines on other records,
rather than him nostalgically looking back at past phases.

I saw the documentary with my wife, who knew nothing about Jadek, and the
first things she commented on afterwards was the possibility that this guy
stopped make records a long time ago and someone's just releasing "new"
albums periodically. I personally have no reason to believe this at the
moment, but it's a possibility. I would find some comfort though in knowing
that years after he dies or stops making records that someone will continue
on with unreleased material, blurring the line between what was current and
what was archival.

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