[Jandek] Jandek in Glasgow!

stephen barry stephen.barry at arup.com
Wed Jan 14 01:05:55 PST 2004

Hey Paul

You're in Dublin in Ireland?  I'm in Cork.
I too find myself looking for records in secondhand shops everywhere I go! 
It's a pain.
You'd actually be surprised at how many people in Ireland are into Jandek.
Well, you are the third person, besides myself, who I've come across, but
that was more than I expected!

Anyone else on this list in Ireland?

Yes - the recent relatively high profile reviews and articles in this corner

of the globe must be having an effect. I have in the past found myself 
searching the racks for 2nd hand Jandek vinyl here in Dublin, then thinking:

what the hell am I doing? How much time should I dedicate to the 
billion-to-one chance of finding that underpriced mint copy of Ready for the

House? Americans: thank the gods for your college radio stations and cheap 
vinyl stores.

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