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Daniel Marks alfredggnome at yahoo.com
Sun Jan 4 14:30:03 PST 2004

A Jandek related conversation between myself and a
friend. it started with her grumbling about how bad a
certain random folk singer is....

Her: it is the worst attempt at music I have ever
heard in my life
Her: I would rather listen to a beginner violin
Me: wow.
Me: but you have nevr heard jandek...
Me: one second!
Me: listen to this!!!
Me: <I sent her a link to the  "I Went to Hell" mp3>
You Walk Alone: jandek's latest single
Her: BWHAHAHA, this is farking hilarious!
Me: oh, i love jandek
Her: haha, I don't like the music, but it's hilarious.
It's like a drunk guy whining.
Her: see, this is funny bad. Not insult to all music
Me: that's interesting
Me: jandek is very serious about his music
Me: he doesn;t think of it as a joke
Me: at least not with that song
Her: yes, that's what jandek thinks, but that's the
joy of opinions

i always like to hear people's first impressions of
the music, and hers surprised me. a couple insights,


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