[Jandek] put my dream on this planet

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My guess is he was in his late twenties or early 30's.
It took a certain sophistication attitude-wise to
accomplish what Jandek did in the late 70's.

- Larry

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> that might be true. i myself think he was in his early early twenties upon
recording the album, but thats me.
> > well, i dont think it's proven that he was a teenager at the time the
> first album came out in 1978. seth tisue believed he was eighteen, just to
> give a guess at how old he currently is. but the recently found information
> about a 58 year old sterling smith living in houston texas leads me to
> believe he was much older than in his teen years upon recording his first
> album.<
> Maybe he was a teen when he recorded the first album, then took a few years
> to release it.
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