[Jandek] put my dream on this planet

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put my dream on this planetAt the time of his first album, Jandek had accumulated at least 10 albums of material
in his backlog of scheduled releases. That may explain the difference in sound, aside 
from advances in technology and technique. However, this still doesn't rule out the 
possibility that Jandek is actually the collaborative project of a few, or several, individuals.

- Larry
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  You know,
      I finally got a copy of "put my dream on this planet" and it really makes me wonder if a lot of the jandek material was recorded a long time ago.
  His voice on that cd is so different than the man we know. Even when he kinda sings on "put my dream on this planet" he sounds different...
  Maybe its another man. 

  Ever though Jandek could be the work of 2 people?
  A guitarist and vocalist. 
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