[Jandek] why jandek is awesome

soolip at aol.com soolip at aol.com
Fri Feb 13 12:07:00 PST 2004

If this song is about Uncle Steve, it's creepily incestuous.

Steven, donít you know that I be breathiní 
Steven, I wish you werenít leaviní 
Steven, you got me believiní 
Steven, aw I wished you were deceiviní 
Steve, donít leave 
Steve, donít make me grieve 
Steven, Iíll fall in love with my friend 
And when you wanna bargain 
Youíll have to forgive my (???) 
Please Steve 
Think it over, give me another chance 
Steve, donít leave 
Donít leave me Stevie 
Come on, stick with me

> I think "Stick With Me" may be about Uncle Steve from
> the song of the same name.

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