[Jandek] Gone Wait, The Place, Recluse

Ross Em indiejanglefunkterrorist at yahoo.co.uk
Mon Feb 2 08:50:42 PST 2004

Sorry, two more brief points...

Regarding Seth's website - I personally don't think
the Jandek on the front of "Worthless Recluse" is
teenage... I would guess more around mid to late
thirties in that picture, simply by comparing him to
the earlier albums.  
Also, the pictures on the front of the last two albums
can be seen to be of the same shop window, or at least
from the same street since the reflection in the
window is of the same house.  Secondly, it can be seen
that  Pounds sterling signs are used in the "Sale"
meaning these two photos are not from Dublin at all. 
Maybe I'm wrong about that last one, but Dublin isnt
in the United Kingdom.  It looks to me more like the
streets of York.  Unless of course Jandek also went to
Northern Ireland which uses Pounds sterling?

Are the pounds STERLING signs a clue to his true
identity?  No, no they arent.

Have you ever heard of Jandek?


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