[Jandek] Right Change lyrics

Daniel Marks alfredggnome at yahoo.com
Sun Feb 1 10:44:51 PST 2004

Well, there's "Hot Diggety Dog", but it's probably
Jandekian nonsense. 

--- Paul Condon <paulgcondon at hotmail.com> wrote:
> If anybody can explain the meaning of the phrase
> "diggidy daggidy", or 
> whether it actually should be treated as a proper
> name, I'm curious...
> Hey diggidy daggidy, what you been doin'?
> I been sittin' in my front room where people just
> pass through and don't 
> spend no time
> It's got the best furniture
> It's got the best look
> It's got your first impression
> ? to meet them there you got a guard that keeps you
> out of it
> Hey diggidy daggidy, what you gonna do?
> I'm gonna sit in my front room where nobody stays
> I need to describe what's going to stay here and
> what's going away
> Don't you have a friend who can give you space
> It's what you need right now
> I'm (and?) in this moment of giving I found the
> right change to take the 
> indescribable beauty to you, and it's not mine, it
> belongs to you
> I'm sitting in the front room
> Deciding what stays and what goes
> When it's all gone
> If you don't give up all your rights
> You just pass along
> Abandon everything you wanted
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