[Jandek] jandek is lucky to be an american

Jungle jungleklan at pandora.be
Fri Dec 31 08:34:32 PST 2004

jandek is lucky to live in america, the mekka of pop ans rock
musicbusiness,the whole world has embraced american music.
i'm doing the same thing than jandek (first on casette) 'since 1979. but
because i come from belgium wich is a small european country my popularity
stays more local than local can be. there are 10 milion belgians lets say i
reach 0,1% of them (wich is already wishfull thinking) i can reach a maximum
audience of 10 000. 38 000 people visited my website
http://www.klootperw.com(90% belgians) but only a couple 100;people ordered
belgium is a more 'underground' country than america because nobody ever
looks at belgium for anything  certainly not for good music.
i sell 2 a 3OOO copies max, 500 to 1000 is more likely.so whose really
underground here.
the chance that somebody from a music magazine like mojo can come across my
music is at least 100 times smaller than with jandeks.
i like the guy's music because he sounds a lot like some things i did in the
'80's (only on casette).
but unlike jandek i never had a proper job i treid to survive with music in
all its different forms.

yes i am perfectly jealous of jandek he succeeded, with the help of the
madia, to become the world most talked about underground cult figure of the
I'm not jealous about what he does but the way he did it.
he kept focussed on the same things during all those years.
i was always changing and trying lots of things but like jandek i only did
it to please myself.
my new album's coming out in jan 2005 i hope you all will buy it.

Dr Kloot per W

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