[Jandek] RE: butts for jandek 2004

LiLiPUT1 at aol.com LiLiPUT1 at aol.com
Tue Dec 28 12:14:51 PST 2004

Jandek is gay. I fucked him. It all started when I accidentally shot my load 
on a vinyl copy of FOLLOW YOUR FOOTSTEPS after jacking to it for the 90th 
time. Luckily, I had an EXTRA vinyl copy of FOLLOW YOUR FOOTSTEPS. So I decided to 
send my cum-soaked one to the man himself. Suitably impressed, he flew me 
down to Houston (cuz he's rich) and that's where I fucked him. We spent a warm, 
tender, but still sadly ephemeral March weekend together. We cuddled and all 
that. But we knew we would never see one another again.

Thus, Jandek is gay. Please send only pictures of boy butts. He wouldn't 
appreciate anything else. I know...


Kevin John
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