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Fri Dec 17 07:34:38 PST 2004

>>>>> "Joe" == Joe Faust <boddekker at yahoo.com> writes:

 Joe> ...what would a Jandek Christmas album be like?

He's got a Christmas song, "Bring It in a Manger" from Somebody in the

  You questioned her legs, spread on the table
  Vultures that prey in her bosom, cursed her questions
  Said she was dead anyway
  A virgin mild scream 
  She wasn't dead, just wasted
  Said I'll find a true eagle some day
  Give him my genitals in a paper cup
  Give him my soul and rainbow
  Lie (?), sing this song
  Take a god from his list
  Push a baby from these legs
  Bring it to him in a manger

Also, it's not too hard to imagine some Christmas cards delivered
"Mother's Day Card" style (from Telegraph Melts).

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