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Brobish brobish at yahoo.com
Tue Dec 14 16:19:40 PST 2004

My girlfriend and I just saw the movie ‘The Machinist’
and when we got out of the theater she said to me,
“Wow, that could have just been called ‘Jandek on
Corwood’.”  I had to laugh because it was true; the
main character was a hermit machinist who couldn’t get
the grease off his skin (representing sin?) and the
cinematography painted such a desolate picture, yet
full of texture – overall, rather spooky.  And while
she doesn’t like Jandek’s music, she can appreciate it
(thanks mainly to ‘Jandek on Corwood’) so I won’t dump
her after all.

I am also looking for some of those live cuts.  I’ve
searched the links but to no avail yet.  Rats!

Just listened to the ‘Dead Man’ soundtrack by Neil
Young and I noticed a trick he did which was using an
alternate tuning and just strumming it open and
throwing in some random fretwork and it totally
reminded me of ‘The Beginning’ album.  The actual
soundtrack was pretty sparse and somewhat boring /
empty but in the context of the film it worked
superbly.  My thought was that the visuals to the film
were the equivalent of the lyrics to the album where
they fill up that so-called negative space.  Or
visa-versa, for that matter.  Wouldn’t it be cool if
you could find the word Jandek in the dictionary 30
years from now and it would mean that genre or type of
music making?  I stumbled upon the word Gonzo in the
dictionary and it was attributed to (sure enough)
Hunter S. Thompson so it is indeed possible.  You know
you’ve made it when you get a word in the dictionary.

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