[Jandek] personally

Sharif Mansour stampid.mouse at gmail.com
Fri Dec 3 01:01:10 PST 2004

yeah, I'm the biggest Merzbow fan on the face of the planet (well, I
must be ONE of the biggest because I have almost all of his CD's
including the Merzbox, not to brag), and even I don't like to listen
to Metal Machine Music. Never stayed awake through it, and I don't
find it very enjoyable - the same exact sound extended over 2 LP's!!!
However, the idea is good, and the sound presented was inventive and
interesting at the time. It's more of a piece of art rather than music
if you ask me. And yes, Merzbow is more worthy of the word "music"

And yes Jandek gets the same criticisms as Merzbow, even though
Jandek's and Merzbow's genres are pretty shitty in my opinion, the
lasting success of those artists shows that they have a good grip on
how to make good music in their own original way.

End of rant.

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