[Jandek] Re: damn you guys are harsh

Christopher Petkus johnnymeatworth at mac.com
Wed Dec 1 03:36:31 PST 2004

I don't think Lou Reed has dismissed Metal Machine Music at all.  He went
out of his way to complain in interviews about the first (French import) CD
release and how it wasn't mastered properly before remastering part of it
himself for his own boxed set.  Then when there was a full deluxe reissue in
2000 he sat for a new interview for its liner notes.

On 11/30/04 10:59 PM, "jandek-request at mylist.net"
<jandek-request at mylist.net> wrote:

I am not sure how this subject is irrelevant whereas one's significant
other's taste in music isn't...?

For the record, I don't think Lou Reed was shamming anyone with Metal
Machine Music anymore than Jandek is with his records.  Browbeat published
an extensive interview with his Louness from 1975 and he certainly sounded
serious about it to me.  He obviously has since disowned it, but I
wouldn't put much stock in this turn of events (esp considering recent
output - similarly, Kraftwerk have turned their backs on their first two
albums, which shows how much they know).


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