[Jandek] Jandek calls it quits?

Todd Madson crash at waste.org
Mon Aug 30 07:02:24 PDT 2004

Groups have done this sort of thing before.
Texas trio King's X started their "Ear Candy" CD with the startling lyrics

"Last time aboard the train that goes around the world,
 Last time aboard the train
 Last time aboard the train that goes around the world,
 Around the world,
 You leave us all behind, you start to feel the pain
 Last time aboard the train,
 Don't try to take a ride, sit back and let it rain,
 Last time aboard the train..."

Fans of that group took these lyrics to mean that the group was disbanding
due to their nearly non-stop touring and their record label never could
seem to do very much marketing their music - they were always a bigger
live draw than an album oriented band in some folks eyes.  And the band
in interviews at the time indicated that they had considered stopping but

But thinking of this: yes, Jandek will probably stop recording someday and
we'll be no closer to the mystery than we were before.  I don't think he's
going to come out with a CD called "The Answer" with everything we want to
know - I wonder if Mr. Smith ever feels satisfaction with his mysterious



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