[Jandek] a Package lies before me

destiny at allwest.net destiny at allwest.net
Thu Aug 26 17:57:53 PDT 2004

Well here it is my package from Corwood Industries. I can't bring myself
to open it. I have been studying the outside, examing the handwriting
(block letter,pretty good handwriting, doesn't cross his 7's in the
European fashion- media written in red marker across the top). I am
studying the manner in which it was packaged (stapled on the sides with
the sharp end of the staples covered with tape).
There is so much mystery here but that is just the romance of it all.
Course now I am wishing I would have ordered the latest one too. How many
of you got a package from Corwood lately?
So tonight will be the night to really experience Jandek -----see you on
the other side


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