[Jandek] Vancouver area showings of JANDEK DOCUMENTARY

Judith Beeman beeman at istar.ca
Sat Aug 21 12:52:14 PDT 2004

In the Oh Boy! department:

Two chances for upper west coasters to see the Jandek film.

I'll definately be going to the IMVF showing in Vancouver, and best of 
all, it kicks off each night with a 6 pm viewing. The Anza club 
(austrailia-new zealand assn, they have a super old-fashioned bar 
downstairs) is a big comfy upstairs room and they'll be selling beer. 
$8.00 admission, the Doc, videos and bands! If anyone wants to come up 
from Seattle, etc, I may have a place for you to stay overnight; perhaps 
it will be possible to catch a ride *back* to Seattle with you? Write.

The Antimatter fest sounds fantastic although the schedule isn't up yet (!)

Vancouver SEPT 16 and 17 @ IMVF (indie music video festival):


Victoria SEPT 17 to 25th @ ANTIMATER (festival of underground short film 
and video):  http://www.antimatter.ws/frameset.html

Regards, Judith

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