[Jandek] I Woke Up

Fabio R. pippus at fastwebnet.it
Mon Aug 16 02:15:32 PDT 2004

>          Hi,
>           While we're on the topic of underrated Jandek CDs.  I've always
loved "I Woke Up", to me it always sounded like the guy who helped him make
"Blue Corpse" came back into town and helped him record "I Woke Up".  While
"Blue Corpse" is Jandek's break up record, "I Woke Up" is his religious
record.  Could it also be that in the next record, "New Town", Jandek is
lamenting the fact his collaborator is in a new town?
> -Eric

i've always thought the "Lost Cause"'s guitarist (on side one) is the same
of Blue Corpse (and related, Follow your footsteps, You walk alone), but

really don't know if is the same guy in "I woke Up" too. (may be..... not!)

"I woke up" sounds like a little "Interstellar Discussion" sequel to me.

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