[Jandek] Least favorites?

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Sun Aug 15 07:20:35 PDT 2004

Man, The Beginning is one of my fave Jandek records, I posted a big rant on 
here no too long ago sayin why. No-one else seems to dig it much though, 
bah, humph, mumble, grrrr etc.
And aye, that would be cool if you wrote to corwood asking about the dates, 
i think you'd have to keep it failry to the point though, like "When was 
suchandsuch an album recorded?" so he doesnt have the chance to give us a 
vague not-really-answering-the-question or 
i-cant-be-bothered-explaining-it-all kinda answer, y'knowwhatimean? Formal 
as fuck, like. Jandek seems like a tricky bugger... har har har
Another thing i always wondered about was what recording equipment he uses.
But thats for another day maybe.

Anyway, cheerio for now

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>Subject: RE: [Jandek] Least favorites?
>Date: Fri, 13 Aug 2004 13:53:27 -0400
>Modern dances is my least favorite at this particular time... for some
>reason I find nancy's contribution on that record grating...
>  but I don't have any of the last 6 records that have been out and I am
>sort of building up to buying them all in one fell swoop... not sure if
>any of those will replace it...
>it's not that I totally hate modern dances(I like the quieter ones at
>the end like carnival queen) but well I am left wanting when I try to
>explain my dissatisfaction with it...
>maybe it is because I like blue corpse so much... which is right after
>in(yeah we have no idea when any of them are recorded really but
>chronologically after it)
>the beginnings are very manic and I think it may contain a rather drunk
>jandek but that is just so much conjecture on my part...
>by the way when I send to coorwood I will be glad to ask them the
>question regarding the dates of the recordings...
>I don't believe we will get a satisfactory response though it is worth a
>Someone did get a affirmative once on there being bass on the newer
>records.... so who knows...
>Well one person knows for sure...
>And he doesn't do much talking... off the record... that is.
>What about this-----what is the least favorite album?? and why?
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