[Jandek] Least favorites?

Jonathan Vincent jcvinc2 at pop.uky.edu
Fri Aug 13 11:06:00 PDT 2004

Modern dances is my least favorite at this particular time... for some
reason I find nancy's contribution on that record grating...
 but I don't have any of the last 6 records that have been out and I am
sort of building up to buying them all in one fell swoop... not sure if
any of those will replace it...
it's not that I totally hate modern dances(I like the quieter ones at
the end like carnival queen) but well I am left wanting when I try to
explain my dissatisfaction with it...
maybe it is because I like blue corpse so much... which is right after
in(yeah we have no idea when any of them are recorded really but
chronologically after it)
the beginnings are very manic and I think it may contain a rather drunk
jandek but that is just so much conjecture on my part...
by the way when I send to coorwood I will be glad to ask them the
question regarding the dates of the recordings...
I don't believe we will get a satisfactory response though it is worth a
Someone did get a affirmative once on there being bass on the newer
records.... so who knows...
Well one person knows for sure...
And he doesn't do much talking... off the record... that is.   

What about this-----what is the least favorite album?? and why?

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