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Opinion Alert!

3 most accessible albums:

Blue Corpse
You Walk Alone
On the Way

(plus parts of Follow Your Footsteps, Lost Cause, One
Foot in the North, the Living End, and Somebody in the

3 Least accessible albums:

Put My Dream on this Planet
This Narrow Road
Worthless Recluse

(honorable mentions: Six and Six, White Box Requiem,
Twelfth Apostle)

3 Weirdest Albums:

Telegraph Melts
Modern Dances
I Woke Up

3 albums that best approximate what one would imagine
to be the sound of souls in hell:

Six and Six
I Threw You Away
The Gone Wait

(honorable mentions: any of the last five albums,
really, plus some songs on Lost Cause like "God Came
Between Us")

3 most punk rock albums:

Interstellar Discussion
The Rocks Crumble
Telegraph Melts

(plus "the Electric End" from Lost Cause)

3 albums that, taken together, give an almost complete
display of Jandek's many styles up to 1988:

On the Way
Follow Your Footsteps
Interstellar Discussion

my 3 favorite albums:

Blue Corpse 
You Walk Alone
Chair Beside a Window.

Of course, "Ready for the House" needs to be one of
your purchases. It's the alpha. 

--- destiny at allwest.net wrote:

> Heelo all-
> Just watched the doc 'Jandek on Corwood' so of
> course now I have to send
> off for some of the music. I am thinking 3 to start
> with and I am hoping
> that some of the more knowing Jandek connoisseurs
> will have suggestions
> about which ones are their favorites or recommended.
> thanks      D
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