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Okay, I hope this gets through.  My main email account has been tagged as a spammer cause in my first email subject line I made the mistake of writing "Jandek for President!" so then I sent the same message as "Last Plane to Jakarta endorses Jandek" so now I'm trying again off this other account with a simpler title.
I guess the dark side of filters is that they don't recognize sarcasm.  So be it.  Here's my message:
>From djobe at uark.eduDate Wed, 04 Aug 2004 10:06:26 -0500To jandek at mylist.comSubject [SPAM] - Last Plane to Jakarta endorses Jandek (I hope this gets through) - Email found in subjectOkay, so it's obvious there will be NO political messages in this crazy season.  That said, I had what I think is a relevant post, so here it is again:

>From  djobe at uark.edu 
Date  Wed, 04 Aug 2004 09:52:22 -0500 
To  jandek at mylist.com 
Subject  [SPAM] - Jandek for President! - Bayesian Filter detected spam 
I hope this hasn't been posted yet (haven't read through today's batch of mail) but if it hasn't, here it is.

In this week's "Last Plane to Jakarta" John Darnielle (of wonderful formerly ultra lo fi pop act the Mountain Goats and GREAT essay writer/critic) publicly endorses JANDEK (along with 7 other noncandidates, including a death metal band) for PRESIDENT!

Here's the article:

Jandek: As far as I'm concerned, Jandek is already president, so this one's kind of a moot point for me. Still. You can put your bloody mind in a paper bag and eat it for lunch, and you can still rock in America when you vote for the man from Houston. As an added bonus, he will have no vice president nor cabinet. No more buck-passing! No more buck, even! Among all the non-candidates, Janky is my sentimental favorite.


Beware crazy filters (though I know they mean well)

Danen Jobe

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