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Mark Greenberg mark at mayfairrecordings.com
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Many people on this list have spoken of calling Corwood (as have I) and
having somewhat pleasant yet mysterious conversations with 'those' at
Corwood. I would just say, keep in mind 'they' at Corwood have made a
concerted effort to be separated and left alone so please do not hurt that
balance of wanting to know and disrupting the wanted isolation. Again, as
stated by many on here, if you really want to find out where Jandek is, you
can. You can hunt him down and bother him. I just do not see the purpose
especially when he has so obviously made himself apart from 'us'.

As to your other email, yes, the movie builds to a sort of moment at the
end. It is very worth your time to see the movie. I have now seen it a few
times and enjoy in each time, finding more and more in it. Also, it is now
hard to see a full moon without thinking of Jandek and the movie.


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I have a number for Corwood. Would you advise for or against calling it?

Michael Graham

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