[Jandek] One word: YAY.

Maurice Rickard maurice at mac.com
Wed Dec 17 21:20:56 PST 2003

At 2:51 PM -0800 12/17/03, Daniel Marks wrote:
>Playing "Only Lover" on a ukulele may be the greatest
>tribute to Janky ever.

As the player in question, thanks!

>What I would give to hear that!

Email me off list.  I recorded it.

>  Though I wonder how the player
>did the E Modal chords?

Easy.  Assuming the uke is tuned to soprano C (GCEA), transpose the E 
to G for a Gsus2 chord (hold down the third string at the second fret 
and the second string at the third fret--see 
http://www.sheep-entertainment.nl/ukulele/) and just move that up and 
down the neck.  It's actually really well suited to uke.

>And did the accordion player
>do "Long Long" or "A Real Number"?

"Harmonica."  And he worked in bits of the theme from 2001!
Maurice Rickard

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