Chicago Now: Outro

Chicago Now shut down for good in 2002. No reason, except that after 5000+ events listed in 7+ years, it just felt good to stop.

Tushar Samant is now doing listings at Check it out.

There’s also the chi-improv group and the listings in the Chicago Reader.

Malachi Ritscher did similar listings from 2002 until his suicide in 2006. (I recommend this thoughtful article about Malachi’s life and death.)

"Do you work hard?
Do you work hard?
You don’t!
You don’t!

You don’t! Chicago, now!

Do you work hard?
Do you try hard?
You don’t. Chicago, now!

Step down, step down
Setting down, just setting down...
Just setting down.

Chicago now."

— The Fall (1990)