Chicago Now: Old listings (1995)

I discontinued the use of asterisks in October 1996. Formerly the policy was: "Shows I especially recommend are marked with an asterisk (sometimes with a question mark to indicate uncertainty on my part). I am somewhat stingy with asterisks for local artists who play out often."

Links may be out of date.

July 1995

Fri 7/7/95 10:00 pm *
Georg Graewe w/ Guillermo Gregorio (2nd set only), followed by Signal to Noise Unit (Ken Vandermark, Steve Butters, Kevin Drumm) (Lunar Cabaret)
Fri 7/7/95 11:30 pm *
Willem Breuker Kollektief (Bop Shop)
Fri 7/7/95
Mountain Goats, Chris Knox (Ajax)
Sat 7/8/95 *
Willem Breuker Kollektief (Bop Shop)
Sat 7/8/95
Flying Luttenbachers, Cheer Accident, The Lonesome Organist (Magnatroid, 2525 W. Moffet)
Sat 7/8/95 9:00 pm
Fred Anderson w/ Hamid Drake & Michael Zerang (HotHouse)
Face the Music, Sun 7/9/95 7:30
This installment is a tribute to Paul Bowman (guitar) who is leaving town. Musicians will include Bowman, Kevin Drumm (guitar), Weasel Walter (drums), Gene Coleman (bass clarinet), Jim O'Rourke (organ), Lisa Goethe (flute), Matt Heaton (guitar), and Diana Parmeter (cello) playing pieces by Roger Reynolds, Milton Babbitt, Gene Coleman, Karlheinz Stockhausen, and Tristan Murail. Then at 9:30 are the 3rd Coast String Quartet (not sure what they will play).
Mon 7/10/95
Improvised Music Workshop with Kevin Drumm (guitar), Jim O'Rourke (guitar/electronics?), perhaps unknown others (Myopic Books)
Wed 7/12/95
Steam (Ken Vandermark, Jim Baker, Kent Kessler, Keenan), followed by Ler Noot Fiesta (Lunar Cabaret)
Thu 7/13/95
Ken Vandermark (reeds), Kent Kessler (bass) & Hamid Drake (percussion) (Bop Shop)
Thu 7/13/95
Ernest Dawkins Trio (HotHouse)
Thu 7/13/95
Damon Short Quintet (Morseland)
Fri 7/14/95
Malachi Thompson Freebop Band (HotHouse)
Fri-Sat 7/14-15/95 *
Skin Graft Irritational, to include: Shellac, Mt. Shasta, U.S. Maple, Melt Banana, Space Streakings, You Fantastic!, Jim O'Rourke, Denison-Kimball Trio, Brise-Glace, and "a very special Shakahachi Surprise" (it's being kept secret which bands will play on which night) (Lounge Ax)
Sat 7/15/95
Damon Short and Harry Castle; also, Ken Vandermark (reeds) and Kent Kessler (bass) play the music of Thelonious Monk (Lunar Cabaret)
Sat 7/15/95
Elliott Sharp, Bruce Anderson, Lee Ranaldo, Rick Rizzo, Steve Wynn (Double Door)
Sat 7/15/95 *?
Noggin (guitar/violin improv duo from Washington state) (No Exit)
Sat 7/15/95
Von Freeman (Bop Shop)
Sun 7/16/95
Laika, Yo La Tengo (Double Door)
Sun 7/16/95 *
Ensemble Noamnesia, led by Gene Coleman (program unknown) (Lunar Cabaret)
Tue 7/18/95 *?
Joel Futterman (piano), Kidd Jordan (sax), Al Fielder (drums) (Lunar Cabaret)
Wed 7/19/95
Neutrino Trio (Daniel Scanlan (violin), Kent Kessler (bass), Michael Zerang (percussion)), followed by Ler Noot Fiesta (Lunar Cabaret)
Thu 7/20/95 *
Steam (Ken Vandermark (reeds), Jim Baker (keyboards), Kent Kessler (bass), Tim Keenan (drums)) (Morseland)
Thu 7/20/95
New Horizons Ensemble (HotHouse)
Thu 7/20/95
Dub Narcotic, Scissor Girls, Go (Chicago Filmmakers)
Sat 7/22/95
Michael Zerang & Hamid Drake (Lunar Cabaret)
Sat 7/22/95
The Last Poets (HotHouse)
Sun 7/23/95 3:00 pm *?
Jack the Dog, featuring Pamela Bublitz (violin) and Jeff Kowalkowski (piano), performing music by Kowalkowski, Douglas Ewart, John Cage ("Cheap Imitations"), etc. (Lunar Cabaret)
Wed 7/26/95 *
Ken Vandermark (reeds), Hamid Drake (percussion), Kent Kessler (bass), followed by Ler Noot Fiesta (Lunar Cabaret)
Thu 7/27/95
New Horizons Ensemble (HotHouse)
Fri 7/28/95
NRG Ensemble, followed by The Betsy Years (Lunar Cabaret)
Fri 7/28/95
Hassan Hakmoun & Adam Rudolph (HotHouse)
Sat 7/29/95
Eight Bold Souls will not be playing, there may be an AACM jam session instead, followed by Kahil El Zabar Afro Centrix at midnight... definitely call and ask (HotHouse)
Sat 7/29/95
Von Freeman Quintet (Green Mill)
Sat 7/29/95
Thinking Fellers Union Local 282, Spiny Anteaters, Strapping Field Hands, Sabalon Glitz (Lounge Ax)
Sat 7/29/95 *
Caffeine (Ken Vandermark (reeds), Jim Baker (piano), Steve Hunt (drums)); also Hal Rammel (invented instruments), John Corbett (guitar), Terri Kapsalis (violin) (this is a record release party for Rammel/Corbett) (Bop Shop)
Mon 7/31/95 *
Noggin (Fireside Bowling Alley)
Mon 7/31/95
Stereolab, Tortoise (Lounge Ax)

August 1995

Thu 8/3/95
Steam (Ken Vandermark, Jim Baker, Kent Kessler, Tim Mulvenna) playing music of Braxton, Coleman, Dolphy, and Ra, plus originals (Bop Shop)
Thu 8/3/95
Ali Farka Toure (Cubby Bear)
Wed 8/9/95
Dave Pavkovic and Tatsu Aoki, also Michael Zerang and Santez (Lunar Cabaret)
Thu 8/10/95
Ken Vandermark (reeds), Kent Kessler (bass), Hamid Drake (percussion) (Bop Shop)
Fri 8/11/95
Scissor Girls, Flying Luttenbachers, Couch, Space Needle (Empty Bottle)
Fri 8/11/95 ?
Experimental Audio Research (you don't suppose Eddie Prevost is touring with them? probably not) (Double Door)
Sat 8/12/95
Flying Luttenbachers, Emesis, Xerobot (Magnatroid, 2525 W. Moffet)
Wed 8/16/95 *
Ken Vandermark (reeds) and John Corbett (turntables/mixing); also, Cinghiale (Ken Vandermark (reeds) and Mars Williams (reeds)) (Lunar Cabaret)
Thu 8/17/95
Ken Vandermark (reeds), Kent Kessler (bass), Hamid Drake (percussion) (Bop Shop)
Sat 8/19/95
River North Music Festival, featuring George Clinton and the P-Funk All-Stars among others
Sun 8/20/95 3pm ?
to quote the Lunar Cabaret schedule, "String Trio: modern classical works performed with fervent gusto"... wish they'd be a little more specific (Lunar Cabaret)
Mon 8/21/95 *
Improvised Music Workshop. This will be the first concert at Myopic's new location on Division and will feature Kevin Drumm, Weasel Walter, Chad Organ, Ken Vandermark, Mars Williams, and others (Myopic Books)
Tue 8/22/95
NRG Ensemble (Lunar Cabaret)
Tue 8/22/95
Adam Rudolph, Michael Zerang, Hamid Drake (HotHouse)
Wed 8/23/95
Signal to Noise Unit (Ken Vandermark (reeds), Steve Butters (percussion), Kevin Drumm (guitar); also Caffeine (Ken Vandermark (reeds), Jim Baker (piano, ARP synthesizer), Steve Hunt (percussion, marimba)) (Lunar Cabaret)
Thu 8/24/95
Ken Vandermark (reeds), Kent Kessler (bass), Hamid Drake (percussion) (Bop Shop)
Sat 8/26/95
Coctails (Lounge Ax)
Sun 8/27/95
Tatsu Aoki (Bop Shop)
Mon 8/28/95
open jam with Ajaramu, Billy Brimfield, Malachi Favors Maghostut, and others (Culture Club, 922-6414)
Mon 8/28/95
Improvised Music Workshop with Weasel Walter, Kevin Drumm, Gene Coleman, and a few others (Myopic Books)
Tue 8/29/95
NRG Ensemble (Lunar Cabaret)
Wed 8/30/95 ?
Red Onion Quintet with Malachi Favors Maghostut (anyone know if this is something I should be listing or whether it's just a money gig for Malachi?) (Red Onion, 663-5370)
Wed 8/30/95
Steam (Ken Vandermark, Jim Baker, Kent Kessler, Tim Mulvenna) (Lunar Cabaret)
Wed 8/30/95 6:30pm
Mwata Bowden; also Ari Brown duets; also Damon Short (drums), with Ryan Shultz (bass trumpet), Rudy Mahanthappa (reeds), Jeff Beer (trumpet), Brian Sandstrom (bass) (as part of the Chicago Jazz Fest "pub crawl") (HotHouse)
Thu 8/31/95
Ken Vandermark (reeds), Kent Kessler (bass), Hamid Drake (percussion) (Bop Shop)

September 1995

Fri 9/1/95
New Horizons Ensemble (HotHouse)
Fri-Sun 9/1-3/95 *
Chicago Jazz Festival, to include Ajaramu's Sound in Rhythm, NRG Ensemble, Muhal Abrams Experimental Big Band, Henry Threadgill's Very Very Circus, George Freeman with Von Freeman, and others (Grant Park)
Sat-Sun 9/2-3/95 *
"After Fest" jam sessions with Fred Anderson, Billy Brimfield, Ajaramu, Kidd Jordan, and others (Velvet Lounge)
Sat 9/2/95
God is My Co-Pilot and several other bands (Fireside Bowl)
Sat 9/2/95
Malachi Thompson (HotHouse)
Sun 9/3/95
Edward Wilkerson Quartet (HotHouse)
Sun 9/3/95
Vandermark Quartet, with Maestro Subgum and the Whole and The Vulva Club (Metro)
Fri-Mon 9/1-4/95 *
Express Yourself Festival, featuring Kahil El' Zabar, Edward Wilkerson, David Murray, Fred Anderson, Ken Vandermark, Malachi Favors Maghostut, and others
Wed 9/6/95 *?
Michael Colligan and a herd of free improvisors perform two sets: one with instruments, one with toys (Lunar Cabaret)
Thu 9/7/95 *?
Steelwool (Ken Vandermark, Hamid Drake, Curt Newton) and the debut of Barrage Double Trio (Vandermark, Drake, Newton, Mars Williams, Nate McBride, Kent Kessler) (Bop Shop)
Fri 9/8/95
Eskimo (Elbo Room)
Fri 9/8-10/95 *
The 4th Annual Hyde Park/Kenwood Jazz Festival, featuring: on Friday, Sonya Robinson with Billy Brimfield, and Dewey Redman with Hamid Drake and Harrison Bankhead; on Saturday, Roscoe Mitchell, and Malachi Thompson with Africa Brass and Lester Bowie; on Sunday, Dee Alexander, and Amiri Baraka and Triad with Malachi Thompson (Sutherland Ballroom, call 312/536-3739)
Mon 9/11/95
Improvised Music Workshop with Michael Colligan, Jody M'Khun, Chuck Falzone, etc. (Myopic Books)
Wed 9/13/95
NRG Ensemble, with openers Jim Baker and Michael Zerang (Lunar Cabaret)
Thu 9/14/95
Steam (Ken Vandermark, Jim Baker, Kent Kessler, Tim Mulvenna) (Bop Shop)
Thu 9/14/95
Damon Short Quintet (Morseland)
Fri 9/15/95 *
Roy Montgomery (of Dadamah), preceded by Ken Vandermark and Jim O'Rourke (Lunar Cabaret)
Sat 9/16/95 ?
Whitehouse, with Fuckface and Frontier (Empty Bottle)
Sat 9/16/95
Flying Luttenbachers, Devil Bell Hippies (Morseland)
Sat 9/16/95
Michael Zerang and Hamid Drake (Lunar Cabaret)
Sun 9/17/95 3:00 pm
Walleye (Steve Butters (bassoon) and Michael Holloway (poetry)) (Lunar Cabaret)
Wed 9/20/95
Vandermark Quartet (Lunar Cabaret)
Thu 9/21/95
Steam (Ken Vandermark, Jim Baker, Kent Kessler, Tim Mulvenna) (Bop Shop)
Fri 9/22/95 *?
Chicago Eye and Ear Control; film is Akira Kurosawa's Yojimbo; improvised accompaniment by Michael Colligan, Hamid Drake, Kevin Drumm, and Ken Vandermark (Chicago Filmmakers)
Fri 9/22/95
Damon Short Quintet (Bop Shop)
Fri 9/22/95 ?
Dis, Uzeda (Empty Bottle)
Thu-Sat 9/21-23/95 *
Incus Week featuring Incus artists Derek Bailey, Fred Frith, John Zorn, Tony Oxley, Shaking Ray Levi Duo (not in Chicago, unfortunately, but in Chattanooga, Tennessee--drive down!)
Sat 9/23/95 *
Caffeine (Jim Baker, Ken Vandermark, Steve Hunt), followed by Hal Rammel, John Corbett, and Terri Kapsalis, followed by duets by members of the two trios (Lunar Cabaret)
Sun 9/24/95
Tatsu Aoki Trio (Bop Shop)
Sun 9/24/95 3:00 pm
Ensemble Noamnesia, led by Gene Coleman, playing music by Coleman and Edgard Varese, plus Trio Troppo (Coleman, Michael Zerang, Fred Lonberg-Holm (Lunar Cabaret)
Wed 9/27/95
Vandermark Quartet (Lunar Cabaret)
Thu 9/28/95
Gene Coleman and Theo Bleckmann (Lunar Cabaret)
Thu 9/28/95
Steam (Ken Vandermark, Jim Baker, Kent Kessler, Tim Mulvenna) (Bop Shop)
Thu 9/28/95
Scissor Girls, U.S. Maple (Fireside Bowl)
Sat 9/30/95
Temple of Bon Matin, Lake of Dracula (members of Couch, Flying Luttenbachers, Scissor Girls), Duotron (Empty Bottle)
Sat 9/30/95
Fred Anderson Quintet (Velvet Lounge)

October 1995

Sun 10/1/95 3pm
Babatunde Olatunji's Drums of Passion (Regal Theater)
Sun 10/1/95
Tatsu Aoki (Bop Shop)
Sun 10/1/95
Daniel Scanlan, Todd Colburn (Lunar Cabaret)
Sun 10/1/95
Shinobu Sato with Kiguchi (Smart Gallery, University of Chicago, 702-0200)
Tue 10/3/95 *?
Elliott Sharp and Zeena Parkins, with The Vandermark Quartet (Empty Bottle)
Wed 10/4/95
Vandermark Quartet (Lunar Cabaret)
Thu 10/5/95
Neutrino Trio (Michael Zerang, Daniel Scanlan, Kent Kessler) (Urbus Orbis)
Thu 10/5/95 *?
Harry Sparnaay performing contemporary works for solo bass clarinet (Renaissance Society, University of Chicago, 702-8670)
Thu 10/5/95
Ken Vandermark, Jim Baker, Tim Mulvenna play the music of Thelonious Monk (Bop Shop)
Fri 10/6/95
Lynn Book and Tatsu Aoki (Chicago Filmmakers)
Sat 10/7/95 *
"Audio Angels" benefit concert for the Experimental Sound Studio with George Lewis (premiering a new work "incorporating CD-ROM technology", hmm), Lynn Book, Hal Rammel, John Corbett, Terri Kapsalis, Gene Coleman, Jim O'Rourke (Randolph Street Gallery, 784-0449)
Sat 10/7/95
Fred Hersch Trio (HotHouse)
Sun 10/8/95
Yoko Noge & Jazz Me Blues (Asian American Jazz Players Nights, Bop Shop)
Sun 10/8/95
"18.2,2,2,1", free improv with Michael Colligan, Kevin Drumm, Steve Butters, Jeb Bishop, Carrie Biolo-Thompson, and others; Ler Noot Fiesta opens (Lunar Cabaret)
Sun 10/8/95
Harry Sparnaay (bass clarinet) guest appearance with Chicago Chamber Orchestra, program to include music by Maurice Weddington (Art Institute)
Tue 10/10/95 6:30 $5 *
Fugazi, Shellac, Makeup (Rainbo Roller Rink)
Tue 10/10/95 8:00 *
Face the Music with Ensemble Noamnesia with Lisa Goethe (flute) and Robbie Hunsinger (oboe) play music by Josh Cody, Giacinto Scelsi, Gene Coleman, and Jerry Ruthrauff, followed by the improv trio of Mats Gustafsson, Jim O'Rourke, and Gene Coleman (NNWAC Flat Iron Gallery, 1579 N. Milwaukee 3rd Floor, 312/278-7677)
Wed 10/11/95
Vandermark Quartet (Lunar Cabaret)
Thu 10/12/95
Ken Vandermark, Kent Kessler, Hamid Drake (Bop Shop)
Thu 10/12/95 9:00 $6
Quirt Quintet (Daniel Scanlan, Fred Lonberg-Holm, Steve Hunt, Michael Zerang, Pat Lawrence) (Urbus Orbis)
Thu 10/12/95 7:30 *
Mats Gustafsson (Renaissance Society, University of Chicago)
Fri 10/13/95
Illusion of Safety, Neutrino Trio (Michael Zerang, Dan Scanlan, Kent Kessler) (Lunar Cabaret)
Fri 10/13/95
God is My Co-Pilot, Dis (Metro)
Fri 10/13/95 *
Ruins, Gastr del Sol, U.S. Maple (Empty Bottle)
Sat 10/14/95 *
Mats Gustafsson (a duet with Michael Zerang and a quartet with Ken Vandermark, Kent Kessler, and Steve Hunt) (Lunar Cabaret)
Sat 10/14/95
Flying Luttenbachers with Devil Bell Hippies (Roadhouse, at North and Elston)
Sun 10/15/95 4:00 *
Hugh Livingston (cello) performing works by Morton Feldman, John Cage, Roger Reynolds, and Atsushi Yoshinaka (Renaissance Society, University of Chicago)
Sun 10/15/95
Caspar Brötzmann with F.M. Einheit (Lounge Ax)
Sun 10/15/95
Tatsu Aoki Trio (Asian American Jazz Players Nights, Bop Shop)
Sun 10/15/95 3:00 pm
Carrie Biolo-Thompson (percussion) performing works by Biolo/Kowalkowski, Westerberg, Abe, Ptaszynska, and Zivcovic; guest appearance by Robbie Hunsinger (English horn) (Lunar Cabaret)
Sun 10/15/95 8:00 pm
Damon Short Quintet; Ler Noot Fiesta opens (Lunar Cabaret)
Mon 10/16/95
Improvised Music Workshop: Michael Colligan's final farewell-to-Chicago performance with "about a dozen and a half other people" (Myopic Books)
Wed 10/18/95
Vandermark Quartet (Lunar Cabaret)
Thu 10/19/95 9:00 $6 *
Mats Gustafsson and Hamid Drake (Urbus Orbis)
Thu 10/19/95
Ken Vandermark, Kent Kessler, Tim Mulvenna playing the music of Eric Dolphy (as well as originals) (Bop Shop)
Fri 10/20/95 *
Chicago Eye and Ear Control, films will be short animation clips, classic and modern; improvised accompaniment by Ken Vandermark, Jim Baker, Steve Hunt, and Mars Williams (Chicago Filmmakers)
Fri 10/20/95
Smog, It's Gotta Be Me, Jim O'Rourke, Venus Cures All (Lounge Ax)
Fri-Sat 10/20-21/95
not music, but a movie: Craig Baldwin's Sonic Outlaws, which features Negativland, John Oswald, Tape-beatles, Emergency Broadcast Network, and others (Chicago Filmmakers)
Sat 10/21/95
2 Foot Flame (Jean Smith, Michael Morley, Peter Jefferies), Gate (Michael Morley), Peter Jefferies (Lounge Ax)
Sat 10/21/95 *
Witches and Devils, the music of Albert Ayler, performed by Mars Williams, Ken Vandermark, Harrison Bankhead, Jim Baker, Fred Lonberg-Holm, Steve Hunt; also playing: Fred Anderson Trio (Velvet Lounge)
Sat 10/21/95
Pere Ubu (Elbo Room)
Sun 10/22/95 FREE
Flying Luttenbachers (Myopic Books)
Sun 10/22/95
Yoko Noge and Jazz Me Blues (Asian American Jazz Players Nights, Bop Shop)
Tue 10/24/95
Dithryambic (contemporary ensemble led by Carrie Biolo-Thompson; performers include Gene Coleman, Jeff Kowalkowski, Robbie Hunsinger, and Pat Lawrence); Maestro Subgum and the Whole follow (Lunar Cabaret)
Wed 10/25/95
Vandermark Quartet (Lunar Cabaret)
Thu 10/26/95 9:00 $6 *?
Trio Troppo (Fred Lonberg-Holm, Gene Coleman, Michael Zerang) (Urbus Orbis)
Thu 10/26/95
Flying Luttenbachers (Fireside Bowl)
Thu 10/26/95
Ken Vandermark, Kent Kessler, Hamid Drake (Bop Shop)
Fri 10/27/95
Tatsu Aoki and Francis Wong duet (Blue Rider Theater)
Fri 10/27/95
Cinghiale (Ken Vandermark and Mars Williams) and Steam (Ken Vandermark, Jim Baker, Kent Kessler, Tim Mulvenna) (Lunar Cabaret)
Sun 10/29/95
Philip and Patricia Morehead (Renaissance Society, University of Chicago)
Sun 10/29/95
Francis Wong & Time Code (Asian American Jazz Players Nights, Bop Shop)
Sun 10/29/95
graphic scores by Bob Marsh interpreted by Ken Vandermark, Gene Coleman, Terri Kapsalis, and Jim Baker; as well as other musicians performing other music unknown at present (Green Mill)
Sun 10/29/95
Scanbake (Daniel Scanlan and Jim Baker); Ler Noot Fiesta opens (Lunar Cabaret)

November 1995

Wed 11/1/95
Damon Short Quintet (Jazz Bulls)
Wed 11/1/95
Vandermark Quartet (Lunar Cabaret)
Thu 11/2/95
NRG Ensemble (Bop Shop)
Sat 11/4/95 *
night two of the Lunar Cabaret's One Year Anniversary Celebration, featuring Falstaff, Vandermark Quartet, Maestro Subgum & the Whole, The Betsy Years. This will be the last ever performance by the Vandermark Quartet. (Lunar Cabaret)
Sun 11/5/95 *
Ensemble Noamnesia performing music by Gene Coleman, Morton Feldman, Sciarrino, Jeff Kowalkowski, Jim O'Rourke (Renaissance Society, University of Chicago, 5811 S. Ellis Ave., 4th floor)
Sun 11/5/95 8:00 pm
Ken Vandermark, John Corbett, Terri Kapsalis (Lunar Cabaret)
Mon 11/6/95
Improvised Music Workshop with D.J. Bob, M.C. Think, Michael Colligan (wasn't he supposed to be in Europe by now?), Kevin Drumm, Weasel Walter (Myopic Books)
Tue 11/7/95 8:00 pm *
Loud Music Silent Film Festival: Rebecca Moore accompanying 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea (1916), Anthony Coleman accompanying Sunrise (1927), Gary Lucas accompanying The Golem (1920) (Vic Theatre)
Wed 11/8/95 8:00 pm *
Loud Music Silent Film Festival: Liminal accompanying Nosferatu (1922), Mark Dresser Trio (with Anthony Coleman and Dave Douglas) accompanying The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari (1919), Judith Ren-Lay accompanying Witchcraft Through the Ages (1922) (Vic Theatre)
Wed 11/8/95 10:00 pm
Quirt Quintet (Michael Zerang (percussion), Daniel Scanlan (violin?), Jim Baker (keyboards), Kent Kessler (bass), Fred Lonberg-Holm (cello), opening for Anthony Coleman (keyboards) with Zerang and Lonberg-Holm (Lunar Cabaret)
Thu 11/9/95
NRG Ensemble (Ken Vandermark (reeds), Mars Williams (reeds), Brian Sandstrom (bass, guitar, etc.), Kent Kessler (bass), Steve Hunt (drums)) (Bop Shop)
Thu 11/9/95
ScanBake (Daniel Scanlan, Jim Baker) (Urbus Orbis)
Thu 11/9/95
Jon Langford, David Grubbs, Scissor Girls (Empty Bottle)
Thu-Sat 11/9-11/95
Loyola Radio Conference, to include performances of John Cage's "Imaginary Landscape #4" and Mauricio Kagel's "Rrrr..." presented by the Experimental Sound Studio, but you can't see the concert unless you register for the whole conference, which costs $75 (or $50 for students) (Loyola University)
Sat 11/11/95 9:30 pm
Bradley Parker Sparrow and Tatsu Aoki duet with special guest Joanie Pallatto (vocals) (Bop Shop)
Sun 11/12/95 7:30 pm free!
"improvisational chamber ensemble" Rebar (Carrie Biolo-Thompson (percussion), Robbie Hunsinger (oboes), Pat Lawrence (bass), Tim Mulvenna (percussion) (Myopic Books, 1728 W. Division)
Sun 11/12/95
John Heward (drums, percussion), also Ken Vandermark (reeds), Hamid Drake (drums), Kent Kessler (bass) (Gallery 312, 312 N. May, (312) 942-2500)
Sun 11/12/95
Tatsu Aoki Trio (Asian American Jazz Players Nights, Bop Shop)
Sun 11/12/95
Damon Short Quintet (Lunar Cabaret)
Sun 11/12/95 2:30 pm *
Episteme (Anthony Davis, Cynthia Aaronson-Davis, J.D. Parran, Mark Feldman, Gerry Hemingway, Mark Dresser) (Orchestra Hall, 220 S. Michigan)
Mon 11/13/95
Improvised Music Workshop with Kevin Drumm, Jim Baker, Bill Pisarri and Azita (of The Scissor Girls) (Myopic Books)
Tue 11/14/95 *?
Jim O'Rourke and Rafael Toral (Lunar Cabaret)
Wed 11/15/95
Thinking Fellers Union Local 282, DragKing (Magnatroid, 2525 W. Moffat)
Wed 11/15/95
Steam (Ken Vandermark (reeds), Kent Kessler (bass), Jim Baker (piano), Tim Mulvenna (percussion)) (Lunar Cabaret)
Thu 11/16/95
NRG Ensemble (Ken Vandermark (reeds), Mars Williams (reeds), Brian Sandstrom (bass, guitar, etc.), Kent Kessler (bass), Steve Hunt (drums)) (Bop Shop)
Thu 11/16/95 *?
Robert Dick (Jazz Record Mart)
Thu-Sun 11/16-19/95 *
FMP Festival (information: (312) 235-2334):
At the HotHouse, there will be an exhibition of photographs by Dagmar Gebers titled "Moments of Free Music".
Thu 11/16/95, noon-2:00 pm, free
Impressions on Post 1960's Free Improvised Music: The AACM Meets the FMP. Discussion with music critics John Corbett and Bill Smith and musicians Douglas Ewart, Evan Parker, and Peter Brötzmann (Cultural Center, 78 E. Washington)
Fri 11/17/95, 10:00 pm, $20
Peter Brötzmann (reeds) with Harrison Bankhead (bass) and Hamid Drake (percussion), and The September Band (Shelley Hirsch (vocals), Hans Reichel (guitar), Rüdiger Carl (accordion, etc.), Paul Lovens) (percussion) (HotHouse, 1543 W. Division)
Sat 11/18/95, 10:00 pm, $20
Peter Kowald (bass) solo. Evan Parker (reeds) and Paul Lovens (drums) duet. COWWS Quintet (Rüdiger Carl (accordion, etc.), Barre Phillips (bass), Stephan Wittwer (guitar), Phil Wachsmann (violin), Irene Schweizer (piano) (HotHouse, 1543 W. Division)
Sun 11/19/95, 4:00 pm, $10
Fred Anderson, (tenor sax), Hamid Drake (drums) duet. Gene Coleman (bass clarinet), Evan Parker (saxes), Michael Zerang (percussion) trio. Terri Kapsalis (violin), Jim O'Rourke (guitar, electronics), Paul Lovens (percussion), Phil Wachsmann (violin, electronics) quartet. Ken Vandermark (reeds), Paul Lovens (percussion) duet. Irene Schweizer (piano), Kent Kessler (bass), Douglas Ewart (reeds) trio. Kevin Drumm (tabletop guitar), Jim Baker (piano, ARP synth), Evan Parker (saxes) trio. Robbie Hunsinger (oboes), Stephan Wittwer (guitar) duet. Shelley Hirsch (voice), Harrison Bankhead (bass) duet. (Goodspeed Hall, University of Chicago, 1010 E. 59th St.)
Sat 11/18/95
Michael Zerang and Hamid Drake (Lunar Cabaret)
Sun 11/19/95
Thinking Fellers Union Local 282 (Lounge Ax)
Sun 11/19/95
Michael Zerang, Jim Baker, Steve Nelson-Raney (Lunar Cabaret)
Sun 11/19/95
Steve Hashimoto and Yoko Noge (Asian American Jazz Players Nights, Bop Shop)
Mon 11/20/95
Improvised Music Workshop with Kevin Drumm, Chuck Falzone, Bob Marsh
Mon 11/20/95
Mr. Bungle with Melt Banana (Metro)
Tue 11/21/95 *
Chicago Eye and Ear Control: films will be experimental works including Sidney Peterson's "Lead Shoes", Bruce Conner's "Crossroads", Michael Snow's "See You Later/Au Revoir" and a film by Len Lye; improvised accompaniment by Ken Vandermark, Steve Butters, Kent Kessler, and Jim O'Rourke
Thu 11/23/95
Ken Vandermark and Mars Williams "mystery concert" (Bop Shop)
Fri 11/24/95 8:00
In the Eye of the Ear, night one: Jeff Kowalkowski and Jack the Dog; Alex Keller and Phillip Vonsweck; Bill Close (Blue Ryder, 1822 S. Halsted, 733-4668)
Fri 11/24/95
release party for Dig This, a benefit compilation CD for the not-for-profit experimental theater collective Doorika. Performers: Waco Brothers, MOTO, Pulsars, Scissor Girls (Empty Bottle)
Fri 11/24/95
NRG Ensemble (Ken Vandermark (reeds), Kent Kessler (bass), Steve Hunt (percussion), Mars Williams (reeds), Brian Sandstrom (bass, guitar, etc.)) (Lunar Cabaret)
Fri 11/24/95
Flying Luttenbachers and ScanBake (Daniel Scanlan, Jim Baker) (No Exit)
Sat 11/25/95 8:00
In the Eye of the Ear, night two: Tod Szewcyzk; Corey Gearhardt and Tom Waters; Hal Rammel, John Corbett, and Terri Kapsalis (Blue Ryder, 1822 S. Halsted, 733-4668)
Sat 11/25/95 *?
Witches and Devils (Jim Baker (keyboards), Harrison Bankhead (bass), Ken Vandermark (reeds), Mars Williams (reeds), Steve Hunt (drums), Fred Lonberg-Holm (cello)) playing the music of Albert Ayler (Velvet Lounge, 2128 1/2 S. Indiana)
Sat 11/25/95
last-ever show by Tar, with Arcwelder and Flour (Lounge Ax)
Sun 11/26/95 7:00
In the Eye of the Ear, night three: Eric Leonardson and Steve Barsotti; Lisa Kucharski and the Kucharski Performers; Wormwood (Blue Ryder, 1822 S. Halsted, 733-4668)
Sun 11/26/95
Glenn Horiuchi/Tatsu Aoki Quartet (Asian American Jazz Players Nights, Bop Shop)
Tue 11/28/95
Tatsu Aoki Trio with Glenn Horiuchi (Lunar Cabaret)
Wed 11/29/95
Damon Short and Jim Baker, with Steam (Ken Vandermark (reeds), Kent Kessler (bass), Jim Baker (piano), Tim Mulvenna (percussion)) (Lunar Cabaret)
Thu 11/30/95
NRG Ensemble (Ken Vandermark (reeds), Mars Williams (reeds), Brian Sandstrom (bass, guitar, etc.), Kent Kessler (bass), Steve Hunt (drums)) (Bop Shop)
Thu 11/30/95 9:00 pm $6
Carrie Biolo-Thompson "performing new works for solo percussion", with Rebar (Robbie Hunsinger (oboe), Pat Lawrence (bass), Tim Mulvenna (percussion), Carrie Biolo-Thompson (percussion)) (Urbus Orbis, 1934 W. North, 312/252-4446)

December 1995

Thu-Sun 11/30-12/3/95 *
AACM 30th Anniversary Festival (information: (312) 221-6627):
Advance tickets are available at Jazz Record Mart, B-Side, and the African Hedonist.
Thu 11/30/95 12:15 pm
Chicago's All City High School Band and the Chicago State University Jazz Band performing music by Joseph Jarman, Leroy Jenkins, Douglas Ewart, and Lester Bowie (Chicago Cultural Center, 78 E. Washington)
Thu 11/30/95 5:30 pm
AACM Large Ensemble ("15 members", but who are they?) (Chicago Cultural Center, 78 E. Washington)
Fri 12/1/95 8:00 pm
Art Ensemble of Chicago (Lester Bowie, Roscoe Mitchell, Famoudou Don Moye, Malachi Favors Maghostut), Clarinet Choir (Douglas Ewart, Mwata Bowden, Edward Wilkerson Jr., J.D. Parran), The Colson Band (Adegoke Steve Colson, Iqua Colson, Rasul Saddik, Fred Hopkins, Reggie Nicholson), 8 Bold Souls (Harrison Bankhead, Mwata Bowden, Aaron Dodd, Robert Griffin, Isaiah Jackson, Naomi Millender, Dushun Mosley, Edward Wilkerson Jr.) (Getz Theater, 72 E. 11th St.)
Sat 12/2/95 noon-2:00
AACM symposium (Columbia College)
Sat 12/2/95 8:00 pm
Ethnic Heritage Ensemble (Kahil El'Zabar, Joseph Bowie, Edward Wilkerson Jr.), Ari Brown/Vandy Harris Unit (Ari Brown, Vandy Harris, Frank Gordon, Thurman Barker, Fred Hopkins, Ann Ward), New Horizons Ensemble (Ernest Khabeer Dawkins, Ameen Muhammad, Steve Berry, Yosef Ben Israel, Avreeayl Ra), Anthony Braxton and George Lewis duet (Getz Theater, 72 E. 11th St.)
Sun 12/3/95 7:00 pm
Samana (Maia, Shanta, Aquilla Sadalla, Nicole Mitchell, Coco Elysses, Ann Ward, Maggie Brown), Leroy Jenkins/Wadada Leo Smith Ensemble (Leroy Jenkins, Wadada Leo Smith, Harrison Bankhead, Thurman Barker, Frank Gordon), Kelan Phil Cohran Group (Phil Cohran, Pete Cosey, Gene Easton), Chico Freeman/Rita Warford Group (Chico Freeman, Rita Warford, Jodie Christian, Ajaramu, Malachi Favors Maghostut) (Getz Theater, 72 E. 11th St.)
Fri 12/1/95
Trenchmouth, Lake of Dracula (Weasel Walter (Flying Luttenbachers), Heather (Scissor Girls), Marlon Magas (ex-Couch)), others (Fireside Bowl)
Fri-Sat 12/1-2/95
"calamitous versions of jazz classics" by Eugene Chadbourne with Third Eye Lounge (Lunar Cabaret)
Sat 12/2/95
Scissor Girls, with The Cowboys (featuring members of The Flying Luttenbachers and The Devil Bell Hippies) (No Exit)
Sun 12/3/95 3:00
Jerry Ruthrauff (sax), Sebastian Hudts (piano), Lisa Goethe (flute), Jeb Bishop (trombone), performing music by Ruthrauff, Zorn, Takemitsu, Harbison, and Denisov (DePaul University Recital Hall, 804 W. Belden)
Mon 12/4/95
Improvised Music Workshop with Chuck Falzone (guitar), Kevin Drumm (prepared guitar), Bob Marsh (cello), possibly one other (Myopic Books)
Thu 12/7/95 8:00 free admission
University of Chicago Jazz X-Tet, directed by Mwata Bowden, guest artist Joseph Bowie, playing music by Roscoe Mitchell, Douglas Ewart, Henry Threadgill, Lester Bowie, Joseph Bowie (Goodspeed Hall, University of Chicago, 59th and Ellis)
Thu 12/7/95
Ari Brown Quartet (Green Dolphin Street)
Thu 12/7/95
Kent Kessler "and guests" (Urbus Orbis)
Thu 12/7/95
Xerobot, Lake of Dracula (with members or ex-members of Scissor Girls, Flying Luttenbachers, and Couch), All Insect Union (featuring Chad Organ) (Empty Bottle)
Fri 12/8/95
Quirt Strings (Fred Lonberg-Holm, Daniel Scanlan, Kent Kessler), Quirt Quintet (Quirt Strings plus Jim Baker and Michael Zerang) (Lunar Cabaret)
Sat 12/9/95 *?
Billy Bang and Kahil El Zabar (Bop Shop)
Sat 12/9/95
Liof Munimula (Daniel Scanlan, Michael Zerang, Don Meckley) (Lunar Cabaret)
Sun 12/10/95 9:00
Damon Short Quintet (Bulls, 1916 N. Lincoln Park West)
Sun 12/10/95
Tatsu Aoki Trio (Bop Shop)
Mon 12/11/95
Improvised Music Workshop with Kevin Drumm (guitar), Josh Abrams (bass), Jeb Bishop (trombone) (Myopic Books)
Wed 12/13/95
Ken Vandermark, Kent Kessler, Hamid Drake trio (Lunar Cabaret)
Thu 12/14/95 9:00
Wormwood (Urbus Orbis)
Thu 12/14/95 10:00
Ken Vandermark (reeds) & Kent Kessler (bass), followed by Ken Vandermark, Terri Kapsalis (texts) & John Corbett (recordings) (Bop Shop)
Sat-Sun 12/16-17/95 4:00 *
Hamid Drake and Michael Zerang's 5th Annual Winter Solstice Percussion Concert (Link's Hall, 3435 N. Sheffield 2nd Floor)
Sun 12/17 7:00
Tatsu Aoki solo (Blue Rider Theater, 1822 S. Halsted)
Tue 12/19/95 *
Signal to Noise Unit (Ken Vandermark, Kevin Drumm, Steve Butters) (Lunar Cabaret)
Wed 12/20/95
Ken Vandermark, Kent Kessler, Hamid Drake trio (Lunar Cabaret)
Thu 12/21/95
Ensemble Noamnesia featuring Gene Coleman (bass clarinet) and Anthony Burr (clarinet), performing music by Coleman, Jim O'Rourke, Giacinto Scelsi, and Sciarrino, plus group improvisations (Urbus Orbis)
Thu 12/21/95 9:30
Ryan Shultz Trio (Ryan Shultz (bass trumpet), Kevin Tkacs (bass), Damon Short (drums)) (Bop Shop)
Fri 12/22/95 7:00 FREE
Vision Saxophone Quartet plus Kevin Drumm, Gene Coleman, Lisa Goethe, and Pat Lawrence, performing music by Manzoni, Ruthrauff, and others (Sherwood Conservatory of Music, 1014 S. Michigan, (312) 427-6267)
Fri 12/22/95
Flying Luttenbachers, Scissor Girls, Short and Sweet, Jim O'Rourke (Fireside Bowl)
Wed 12/27/95
Ken Vandermark, Kent Kessler, Hamid Drake trio (Lunar Cabaret)
Thu 12/28/95 10:00
Steam minus one (Ken Vandermark, Kent Kessler, Tim Mulvenna) (Bop Shop)
Thu 12/28/95 9:00
Damon Short (drums, vibes) and Jim Baker (piano, electronics) (Urbus Orbis)
Fri 12/29/95
Caffeine (Ken Vandermark, Jim Baker, Steve Hunt) (Lunar Cabaret)
Sun 12/31/95
Horrorgirl, Duotron, Xerobot, Bobby Conn, Ms. High Heels (a, uh, supergroup of sorts, featuring Tom Smith, Marlon Magas (ex-Couch), Azita (Scissor Girls), Jim O'Rourke, Weasel Walter, Chuck Falzone, Mike Green, and who knows who else) (Magnatroid, 2525 W. Moffat)
Sun 12/31/95
George Clinton and the P-Funk All Stars (Navy Pier)
Sun 12/31/95 10:00
Mekons with Kathy Acker, and Pulsars (Metro)
Sun 12/31/95 *
Coctails last performance ever (Lounge Ax)
Sun 12/31/95
Crown Royals (Ken Vandermark (reeds), Pete Nathan (guitar), Mark Blade (bass), Jeff BBQ (drums)) (Bluebird Lounge, 312/642-3449)