Seth Tisue

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I work on NetLogo, an open-source DIY programming language for kids, teachers, and scientists. [since 2001]

I like Scala [since 2008]. NetLogo is made with Scala. I co-organize the Boston Scala Meetup [since 2011] and the Northeast Scala Symposium [since 2012].

My Twitter feed is mainly about programming. All my code is on GitHub. See also my LinkedIn profile.


I’m active on Flickr [since 2005] and Instagram [since 2011].


I keep a comprehensive Jandek site [since 1994]. Some of my photos are of musicians. Here’s a log of recent listening (& reading, viewing); see also


  • Grew up near Chicago, left for Boston in 2006, now live in Cambridge.
  • 1994–2006: Discographer of Jim O’Rourke and Ken Vandermark.
  • 1995–2002: Maintainer of Chicago Now, a concert calendar for experimental and improvised music in Chicago.
  • 1995–2001: Graduate student and visiting lecturer at Northwestern’s computer science dept.
  • 1992–1999: College radio DJ (WNUR, WHPK, WKDI). Here are some old playlists.
  • 1989–1993: Math & computer science student at University of Chicago.
  • 1988–1992: Zine publisher, including Plaster Cramp Press, a xerox press that published experimental art and writing.
  • 1986–1988: Sysop of Electric Cafe BBS.
  • 1971: born